Loggia glazing project, with adding to apartment


We offer to develop the technical project for loggia glazing and adding living space, removing the load-bearing wall between loggia and room + approving with construction board. Construction project is developed in accordance with the Latvian building regulations. Construction project is developed by certified architect and structural engineer.



1. E-mail the required documents and a description of the desired changes;
2. Within a week we develop technical project and it is approved with Construction Board in one month (550 EUR);
3. Sign a contract with a construction company for building services (we can recommend good builders);
4. Within 5 days get a building permit (construction duty~ 100 EUR, insurance is about 20 EUR) and start replanning activities;
5. After replanning works, pass building for commissioning (service is offered separately). 


Required documents:

1. Title-deed (land register, cadastral reference, lease agreement);
2. Inventory file with a floor plan;
3. Photographs of buildings and room;
4. The signatures of 51% of all apartment owners (we will provide a form);
5. Warrant to designer (issued by Construction Board).


Possible additional requirements:

1. Radiator relocation project (150 EUR);

2. Structural engineers survey and conclusion – necessary for all projects (350 EUR);

3. Expertise of a construction project, if building is higher than 5 floors (700 EUR).