Loggia glazing project, without adding to apartment


We offer to plan simplified project for loggia glazing without adding to apartment + approving with the Construction Board. Construction project is developed in accordance with the Latvian building regulations. Construction project is developed by certified architect and structural engineer.



1. E-mail the required documents and a description of the desired change;
2. In one week we form a simplified project – sketch (450 EUR);
3. Approve the sketch with Construction Board as well inform in written form Construction Board about glazing the loggia and then do the glazing.


Required documents:

1. Title-deed (land register, cadastral reference, lease agreement);
2. Inventory file with a floor plan;
3. Buildings and premises photos;
4. The signatures of 51% of all apartment owners (we will provide form).


Structure of the Project:

1. Buildings visual design of the specific facades sketch of the loggias glazing;
2. Explanatory note;
3. Main designers’ attestation.