Series 464 (The new LT Project) Apartment replanning (simplified renovation)

Two-room apartment
Three-room apartment


Large-panel series 464 (new Lithuanian buildings) residential buildings in Riga built in the last century, 60 - 80 years. The main building arrays – Ķengarags, Iļuciems, Purvciems and Imanta. This series was designed and built in only five floor version. Sections in different combinations are provided with one-room and two-room and three-room apartments. The facades appearance has been diversified with loggias. Floor planning of these apartments are compact which might seem too narrow but relatively lower is the average maintenance cost.


Overall characteristics:  panels
Loggia: yes
Balcony:  no
Floors: 5
Floor height: 2.50m
Lift: no
Waste pipe: no


1. E-mail the required documents and a description of the desired change;
2. In one day we form simplified renovation project – certification card (standard apartment in Riga 129 EUR, in Latvia 149 Eur, other type of apartments 179 EUR);
3. In 10 days approve the project with the Construction Board (36 EUR) and replanning activities can be started;
4. After replanning, order an updated inventory file in the State Land Board (1.4 EUR/m2).


Required documents:

1. Title-deed (land register, cadastral reference, lease agreement);
2. Inventory file with a floor plan.


The project contains:

1. Certification card;
2. Explanatory memorandum;
3. Floor plan with explication of the technical indicators;
4. Main designers’ attestation.


Possible additional requirements:

1. If it is not possible to determine whether the affected walls are non-load bearing, structural engineers survey and conclusion (100 EUR);
2. If WC is transferred over the dwelling premises, agreement with the owner of the apartment below;
3. If a new engineering network for water pipeline and sewerage is created, engineering network scheme (100 EUR);
4. If the building is located in historic monument area or in protection zone, agreement with The State Inspection for Heritage Protection;
5. If the building is a state historical monument, the inventories act of premises cultural heritage (100 EUR).